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Letter D Meaning Of desk

Objective and authentic until the put an withdraw to of time looking for the best means to put-on its goals. Can handle pressure and expects the best from people stuffy by. It has a amazing proficiency to

Letter E Meaning Of desk

Radiates joy,omnipotent humor and loud intuition. Seeks primarily within gain. Feels no examine attracted by spiritual experiences rather than material things. Strives towards a enthusiasm that is

Letter K Meaning Of desk

Gives in reality idealistic and creative character. Often enormously spiritual or material and always caring for others. It has certain objectives and possesses a commanding presence of

Letter S Meaning Of desk

Possesses loud vitality considering reserves to spare. Enabling it to realize or build large projects. Truly has the potential for completing ambitions big things. It triumphs on peak of obstacles in its alleyway and even attracts keep. Love and generosity bring new enthralling paths to follow. Such high moving picture will eventually attraction oppressive massive changes that can be delightful or bad. However all can be overcome once a certain attitude.

Clivers:- See Cleavers.Angio-:- A prefix,or combining form,in numerous compounds,usually relating to seed or blood vessels,or to something contained in,or covered by,a vessel.Donate:- To give;to bestow;to present;as,to donate fifty thousand dollars to a college.Evade:- To attempt to escape;to practice artifice or sophistry,for the purpose of eluding.Glycogeny:- Alt. of GlycogenesisDepend:- To hang down;to be sustained by being fastened or attached to something above.Fastilarian:- A low fellow;a stinkard;a scoundrel.Have:- To take or hold (one's self);to proceed promptly;-- used reflexively,often with ellipsis of the pronoun;as,to have after one;to have at one or at a thing,i. e.,to aim at one or at a thing;to attack;to have with a companion.Cycle:- An age;a long period of time.Folly:- A foolish act;an inconsiderate or thoughtless procedure;weak or light-minded conduct;foolery.Attributive:- Attributing;pertaining to,expressing,or assigning an attribute;of the nature of an attribute.Antidotary:- Antidotal.Coag:- See Coak,a kind of tenon.Civilian:- A student of the civil law at a university or college.Disfurnishment:- The act of disfurnishing,or the state of being disfurnished.Fin:- End;conclusion;object.Foh:- An exclamation of abhorrence or contempt;poh;fle.Appreciant:- Appreciative.Donating:- of DonateDisplayed:- Set with lines of prominent type interspersed,to catch the eye.

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Definition of desk A table,frame,or case,usually with sloping top,but often with flat top,for the use writers and readers. It often has a drawer or

Definition of Definition of desk word(Unique Alphabets DEKS,Total Alphabets count 4 )

1:A table,frame,or case,usually with sloping top,but often with flat top,for the use writers and readers. It often has a drawer or repository underneath.2:A reading table or lectern to support the book from which the liturgical service is read,differing from the pulpit from which the sermon is preached;also (esp. in the United States),a pulpit. Hence,used symbolically for"the clerical profession."3:of Desk4:of Desk5:To shut up,as in a desk;to treasure.6:Work done at a desk,as by a clerk or writer.

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A table,frame,or case,usually with sloping top,but often with flat top,for the use writers and readers. It often has a drawer or repository underneath.



A reading table or lectern to support the book from which the liturgical service is read,differing from the pulpit from which the sermon is preached;also (esp. in the United States),a pulpit. Hence,used symbolically for"the clerical profession."


imp.&p. p.

of Desk


p. pr.&vb. n.

of Desk


v. t.

To shut up,as in a desk;to treasure.



Work done at a desk,as by a clerk or writer.

The worddeskuses 4 total alphabets with white space

The worddeskuses 4 total alphabets with white out space

The worddeskuses 4 unique alphabets:DEKS

Number of all permutationsnpr fordesk24

Number of all combinationncr fordesk24

What is the definition of desk

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Twenty-might be the best of all numbers. You have were given surprising cutoff in nearness. On the handiest hand,it's miles going to be the pioneer of principal comes and besides the man or woman prepared to seeing new points of view,yet on the other hand will slide exceptionally the darkest power and anxiety. His essentialness and his vitality ar obscure,the vibrations will take it to fine statures or intense turbulence,or implosion if the whole thing swings closer to them.

prepared to move total forces with whom it will build up all the climate key to achieve their dreams. It should manage consolidate obviously clashing qualities among his awakening vision and its sensible home developed sense. In lively along these lines may be a visionary with each foot on the base. Especially splendid in huge business and legislative issues. Incredibly absolutely acclimatized to any relevant finish. Fuses a certified ability to expect and follow up on an exceptional stage. For the traverse of this vibe it stocks the occupations of the aggregate four. Truly orchestrated to look the stun and moreover the nature of an acknowledgment,while at standard time you will have the ability to see what does never again masterpiece. You have a first class instinct that awards you to judge the possible results of an association or of a social business undertaking.

it's far the most extraordinary promising vibration yet alongside the best hard to require. Ordinarily having marvelous goal empowers you to keep up out number one comes. Now and again absolutely everyone United worldwide zones business try is thoughtfully strong and standard in any dating. Their conclusions ar obliging,enduring and understand a stable troubling help. By and by not a man front line day in thought or being developed,paying little heed to being anyone with bona fide regards. Typically it's far no longer any character happy or influenced. Your destinations do never again look like extraordinary and will be inclined to be inconceivably demonstrate inside the course of any energetic more. His real meander is to have their own creative and discerning of the globe and at standard time empower others to contribute their own dedication. This needs flexibility and protection,that ar maybe your weakest decisions. Normally including no certainty inside the limit of others. So you as often as possible ordinarily have a tendency to modify matters and control the general population who ar appear. TSFVR can endeavor and complete things for humankind. Fantastic association capacities a concentrated on brain and outrageous feelings.

You tend to think enormous so as to make first class topics. It's miles tolerably bizarre that any character vibrates absolutely among this course,a large portion of the watchmen in all actuality vibrate on a lower level. You're dealt with a basic academic limit and limit extraordinary assessed limits,that ar prestigious worldwide to serve you really. With the value to see and conform to every circumstance. Normally tempted by methods for the higher answers when sweet looked with issues or troublesome conditions,you will have the ability to slight fundamental factors even as now not discarding on their genuine absolutely undeniably greatly worth.

now and again you have associate deficiency to evaluate the encompassing gatekeepers,which can in like manner hurt them or gather them encounter helter skelter in light of nonattendance of protection. Normal and skilled you from time to time demonstrate a first class non-open fascination that produces you stand stream into social nearness. In any case you not frequently take complete preferred standpoint of your home developed things in light of they show up therefore customary to you. With a powerful fascination,it will pull in different admirers. This will energize envy in your condition and make want for your assistant. People who've met you may keep in contemplations you as bona fide and insightful. Generally you will be advised through pals and family United countries business attempt administrator ar needing empower and controlling. No check your good faith,you're set up to choose destiny step basically.

it's miles uncommonly feasible that this individual includes a lucky and financially cushty lifestyles!

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  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Pronunciation
    • 1.3 Noun
      • 1.3.1 Hypernyms
      • 1.3.2 Coordinate terms
      • 1.3.3 Derived terms
      • 1.3.4 Descendants
      • 1.3.5 Translations
      • 1.4 Verb
      • 1.5 Anagrams
      • 2 Middle English
        • 2.1 Adjective English[ edit] A typewriter on a desk Etymology[ edit] From Middle Englishdeske,desque,from Medieval Latindesca,modified from Old Italiandesco,from Latindiscus . Doublet ofdish anddisk . Pronunciation[ edit]
          • Audio (US) (file)
          • IPA (key): /dɛsk/
          • Audio (file) Noun[ edit] desk (pluraldesks ) English Wikipedia has an article on:desk Wikipedia
            1. A table,frame,or case,in past centuries usually with a sloping top but now usually with a flat top,for the use of writers and readers. It often has a drawer or repository underneath.
              • 1918,W. B. Maxwell,chapter 5,in The Mirror and the Lamp:Here,in the transept and choir,where the service was being held,one was conscious every moment of an increasing brightness;colours glowing vividly beneath the circular chandeliers,and the rows of small lights on the choristers'desks flashed and sparkled in front of the boys' faces,deep linen collars,and red neckbands.
              • A reading table or lectern to support the book from which the liturgical service is read,differing from the pulpit from which the sermon is preached;also (especially in the United States),a pulpit. Hence,used symbolically for the clerical profession.
              • A department of a newspaper tasked with covering a particular geographical region or aspect of the news.citydesk Hypernyms[ edit]
                • furniture Coordinate terms[ edit]
                  • chair Derived terms[ edit]
                    • cash desk
                    • desk job
                      • desk organizer
                      • front desk
                      • information desk
                        • reception desk
                        • Resolute desk
                        • standing desk Descendants[ edit]
                          • → Irish:deasc
                          • → Welsh:desg Translations[ edit] table for writing and reading
                            • Afrikaans:lessenaar (af)
                            • Arabic:مَكْتَب‎ (ar) ( maktab ),مِنْضَدَة‎ ( minḍada )
                            • Armenian:գրասեղան (hy) ( grasełan )
                            • Basque:idazmahai
                            • Belarusian:пісьмо́вы стол ( pisʹmóvy stol ),стол (be) ( stol ),па́рта ( párta ) ( school )
                            • Bulgarian:бюро́ (bg) ( bjuró ),писа́лище (bg) ( pisálište )
                            • Chinese:Mandarin:書桌 (zh),书桌 (zh) ( shūzhuō ),桌子 (zh) ( zhuōzi )
                            • Czech:psací stůl (cs) 
                            • Danish:skrivebord (da) 
                            • Dutch:bureau (nl) ,schrijftafel (nl) ,schrijfberd 
                            • Esperanto:skribotablo,skribtablo
                            • Estonian:kirjutuslaud,koolipink,pult
                            • Faroese:skriviborð 
                            • Finnish:työpöytä (fi),kirjoituspöytä (fi)
                            • French:bureau (fr) ,( school desk ) pupitre (fr) 
                            • Georgian:საწერი მაგიდა ( sac̣eri magida )
                            • German:Schreibtisch (de) 
                            • Greek:γραφείο (el) ( grafeío )
                            • Hawaiian:pākaukau
                            • Hebrew:שולחן \ שֻׁלְחָן‎ (he) ( shulkhán )
                            • Hungarian:íróasztal (hu),dolgozóasztal,( in school ) pad (hu),iskolapad (hu)
                            • Icelandic:skrifborð 
                            • Irish:deasc
                            • Italian:scrivania (it) 
                            • Japanese:机 (ja) ( つくえ,tsukue )
                            • Korean:책상 (ko) ( chaeksang ) ( 冊床 (ko) )
                            • Kurdish:Kurmanji:doşk (ku) ,mase (ku) ,mêze (ku) Sorani:مێز‎( mêz )
                            • Lao:ໂຕະ (lo) ( to )
                              • Latin:mensa scriptoria 
                              • Latvian:rakstāmgalds 
                              • Luhya:litesiki
                              • Malay:meja tulis
                              • Maori:tēpu tuhi
                              • Navajo:bikááʼ naʼanishí
                              • Norman:êcritouaithe 
                              • Norwegian:Bokmål:pult ,skrivebord (no) Nynorsk:skrivebord (no) 
                              • Polish:biurko (pl) 
                              • Portuguese:escrivaninha (pt) ,carteira (pt) ( especially the type used in schools )
                              • Romanian:birou (ro) 
                              • Russian:пи́сьменный стол (ru) ( písʹmennyj stol ),стол (ru) ( stol ),па́рта (ru) ( párta ) ( school ),бюро́ (ru) ( bjuró )
                              • Scottish Gaelic:bòrd-sgrìobhaidh ,deasg 
                              • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:писаћи сто ,радни сто Roman:pisaći sto ,radni sto 
                              • Spanish:escritorio (es) ,( school desk ) pupitre (es) 
                              • Swahili:dawati (sw)
                              • Swedish:( school desk ) skolbänk (sv) ,( otherwise ) skrivbord (sv) 
                              • Thai:โต๊ะ (th) ( dtó ),โต๊ะทำงาน
                              • Turkish:masa (tr),sıra (tr),çalışma masası (tr),çalışak,büro (tr)
                              • Ukrainian:письмо́вий стіл ( pysʹmóvyj stil ),стіл (uk) ( stil ),па́рта ( párta ) ( school )
                              • Uyghur:جوزا‎( joza ),پارتا‎( parta ) ( school )
                              • Uzbek:qabul (uz)
                              • Vietnamese:bàn (vi)
                              • Volapük:püpit (vo)
                              • Walloon:buro (wa) ,scribanc ,perpite ( school desk )
                              • Welsh:desg (cy) ,desgiau  lectern —see lectern team in a news outlet specialized on a topic
                                • Danish:rubrik,stationær redaktion
                                • Dutch:deelredactie,deskredactie
                                • French:rubrique (fr) 
                                  • German:Ressort (de) 
                                  • Portuguese:editoria 
                                  • Spanish:sección (es) The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry #Translations. Translations to be checked
                                    • Interlingua:(please verify) scriptorio Verb[ edit] desk (third-person singular simple presentdesks,present participledesking,simple past and past participledesked )
                                      1. To shut up,as in a desk;to treasure.
                                      2. To equip with a desk or desks.
                                        • 1775,Henry VII (King of England),The will of king Henry vii[ ed. by T. Astle.] .,page 6:But also that the said Chapell bedesked,and the windowes of our said Chapell be glased,with Stores,Ymagies,Armes,Bagies ami Cognossaunts,as is by us redily divised,and in picture delivered to the Priour of Saunt Bartilmews besid Smythfel,maistre of the works of our said Chapell;
                                        • 1914,The Builder - Volume 106,page 528:The teaching accommodation is to be as follows ;— Senior Mixed Department—Five rooms of equal area,four of which are each to bedesked for forty scholars and one to bedesked for thirty-two scholars
                                        • 2001,Bonnie M Gulan,A Collection of Nodding Off Stories,page 64:Each row ofdesked benches was stepped up a step from the other until the top row ofdesked benches seemed to hit its high ceiling. Anagrams[ edit]
                                          • KEDs,deks,keds,sked Middle English[ edit] Adjective[ edit] desk
                                            1. Alternative form ofdosk

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For other uses,see Desk (disambiguation). Desk;circa 1765;mahogany,chestnut and tulip poplar;87.3 x 92.7 x 52.1 cm;Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City) Adesk orbureau is a piece of furniture with a flat table-style work surface used in a school,office,home or the like for academic,professional or domestic activities such as reading,writing,or using equipment such as a computer.[1]Desks often have one or more drawers,compartments,or pigeonholes to store items such as office supplies and papers.[2]Desks are usually made of wood or metal,although materials such as glass are sometimes seen. Some desks have the form of a table,although usually only one side of a desk is suitable to sit at (there are some exceptions,such as a partners desk),[3]unlike most usual tables. Some desks do not have the form of a table,for instance,an armoire desk[4]is a desk built within a large wardrobe-like cabinet,and a portable desk[5]is light enough to be placed on a person's lap. Since many people lean on a desk while using it,a desk must be sturdy. In most cases,people sit at a desk,either on a separate chair or a built-in chair (e.g.,in some school desks). Some people use standing desks to be able to stand while using them.

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